HELLO.How’s it going?
I’m Antonio Esquer and I’m a
freelance Interactive Developer.
This Blog is focus on Mobile , Web and Creative Technologist.
I like Animation,ActionScript,Art with code,Design,Flash,Fractals,Generative Art,Illustration,Interaction,Interface Design,JavaScript,Open Frameworks,Maths,Mobile Development,Motion Detection,Physics,Programming,Processing,Typography.

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About Me

Hello,it's nice to see you here...

Char95 is a blog written by Antonio Esquer, a physicist working as Freelance Web and Mobile Developer, living in Munich (Germany).

I am interested in the overlap between art, technology and science.

Most of the work on this site is a mix of this subjects an interactivity, visuals efects and web and mobile development.

I will try to provide source code and information to support this if posible.

I believe that Open Source promotes an amazing progression within all disciplines that people join in.

This blog is never complete and always is transition, if I don't write for a while, that means that I'm doing something else, but I'll not forget about it.

I encourage feedback from you regarding anything that you find on this site.

You can find me on Twitter, Xing, Linked In, Google+, or at contactme@char95.com.