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Perlin Area Fillspeak

Code : Using Perlin Noise to fill a region.

October 18th, 2010

Again, using perlin noise, we can create a simple method to fill a bitmap. The base, is to draw a bitmap with perlin noise, and then apply a threshold with a dynamic limit. If our threshold limit is growing, the result of the threshold, will simulate a filling effect.


> 0

> 64

> 128

> 192

> 256

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Copy to Clipboard with ActionScriptspeak

Code : Interacting with the clipboard

August 13th, 2010

I was ask for one project to copy data from one of the sites to the user's clipboard, after some research around, I found the "Zero Clipboard" code.
This code works really good, but it is too complicated for my needs.
It requires to much javascript, and this can get you in troubles if you need to run this code inside a popup window, or other actual dynamic HTML elements.

So I've made some changes, and create a much more simple version. which uses a basic flash button with an icon in it.

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