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I’m Antonio Esquer and I’m a
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This Blog is focus on Mobile , Web and Creative Technologist.
I like Animation,ActionScript,Art with code,Design,Flash,Fractals,Generative Art,Illustration,Interaction,Interface Design,JavaScript,Open Frameworks,Maths,Mobile Development,Motion Detection,Physics,Programming,Processing,Typography.

Mac or PC ?speak

Notes : What computer to use ?

July 1st, 2010

When Windows came with the "Windows Vista", I realice that it was the time to change to mac or linux.
Finally I got a Mac, and since then, I was more than happy with a new computer that was not asking for confirmation of all I am doing, and works better that my old pc with Windows XP.

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Perlin Noise Fire1 comment

Lab : How to use Perlin Noise to generate Fire.

July 14th, 2009

The Tron (1982) movie, in addition to inspiring me and a lot of people of my generation when we were younger, was also a pioneering effort for computer-generated graphics in film.

Ken Perlin, who worked on Tron was frustrated by the "machine-like" appearance of the models in the movie, and then he developed a method of creating textures with a mathematical algorithm that could be applied to images to introduce that random quality that real world has, less perfect computer-generated imagery.

These procedural textures can be used to lots of things, but I focused on a way generate smoke,fire and water surfaces.

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