My "actionscript school" years ago was
Since then, my favorite code is "Emotion.Fractal".

Using that simple algorithm, filling it with data from the twitter api, and inspired as usual in my case, by Yugo Nakamura &&, we can create a simple and funny search engine for twitter.

See the working demo here or in

The algorithm can be explain in the next steps:

  • Given a rectangular area defined by two points, place an arbitrarily sized word anywhere within it.
  • Randomly, align the word to the borders, and further subdivide the remaining area into two new rectangles.
  • Add the new rectangles in a queue and repeat the process for each element in the queue.

We also need to have a limit on the depth of the recursive call to limit the size of the region to be filled.

The code is quite a mess right now, but I'm working to improve the "filling algorithm" and use it in new experiments. So I'll upload the final class pretty soon.

* The birdie icon used above is Twitter Bird by freakyframes.
* Sounds download from